New forums on “public wisdom” announced

Tom has launched a discussion space not specifically to discuss the book, but to discuss public wisdom.  Below is his intro to the dialogue.  Feel free to join in.!6a102b76f798abfcb1f97371ce3386ba

How can we evoke and empower the potential wisdom of the public to shift the direction of society?

Civilization is in trouble – economically, ecologically, socially.  As is often noted, we excel in intelligence, but come up short on wisdom.

This inquiry assumes that people collectively have a potential for generating the kind of wisdom we need.  I’m not talking about “wisdom of crowds” aggregated guesses and bets, but real wisdom, wisdom that has insight, compassion and prudence, an expanded, enlightened form of intelligence that takes into account – and deeply understands – what’s going on and what’s needed to generate solutions that benefit most everyone involved, including future generations.

I’ve explored this question for years.  I have a lot of my own answers and, at the same time, realize how little I know.  I don’t even know what else to call “public wisdom” other than “public wisdom”, even though many people haven’t the slightest idea what that means.  I believe that special forms of public dialogue and deliberation – and more potent, accessible, balanced forms of information – are essential for the kind of collective reflection required to generate real, useful wisdom.  I also believe that this wisdom needs to impact both policy-making and the self-organized activities of individuals and communities.

Yet the task of trying to realize this vision is so gigantic and complex, I feel at a loss about how to proceed.  I invite you to add your two cents here – especially if you think this is an important inquiry, possibility, and calling…


He has also launched the same inquiry in Quora at

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