Table of Contents


Preface:  How I came to write this book

Manifesto:  A call to establish a legitimate, wise, inclusive, and powerful collective voice of the people

Part 1:  A wiser democracy—taking it seriously

1.  Democracy is about power—and the people
2.  Direct democracy, representative democracy, and their shadows
3.  Why we need public wisdom
4.  Public wisdom: its role, its sources, and its limitations
5.  Citizenship and the random selection of ad hoc mini-publics

Part 2:  Making it happen—some pieces of the puzzle

6.  Citizen deliberative councils: their character, variety, and history
7.  How citizen deliberative councils could and should be used
8.  Public empowerment, public engagement, and the role of journalism
9.  Polarization, transpartisanship, and public wisdom
10.  Wisdom Councils in one hundred cities—with World Cafés, Open Space, and Study Circles to engage the public with the results
11.  Deliberation for direct democracy: Citizens Initiative Reviews and the National Initiative for Democracy
12.  Empowered public wisdom rising from the grassroots
13.  Citizen Legislature: A new branch of government?
14.  Protecting the power and integrity of public wisdom
15.  What role will you play?


1.  An annotated list of powerful participatory processes, with links
2.  Some areas for research and development

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